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“Mathilde” (ma-teeld) is a beautiful, free, handwritten cursive-hybrid OpenType font with contextual alternatives

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This includes the original, regular font style, not the bold version.

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For anyone having trouble with the .otf font format, I made a .ttf version. Be aware that OpenType features aren’t supported consistently by the .ttf format: TTF download

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This includes both the regular and bold font styles.

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“Mathilde” is the actual handwriting of Mathilde (or “Tilly” as real humans call her) made into a computer-usable OpenType font.

Extensive character list

Includes all common and many rare symbols, including math symbols, plus accented letterforms.

OpenType features

“Mathilde” comes with OpenType features including contextual alternatives (for common double-letter combinations), kerning (contextual spacing), and swash characters.