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All Photo merging Retouching

Gold-Leaf Makeup: Fashion Retouch

Hover over the image and use the arrows to view the original

I finally found some real photographers with real, unretouched photos to be fiddled and nudged into masterworks. Hooray!

For this image I didn’t want to do a whole lot of skin-smoothing, firstly because the model already had incredibly smooth skin, and secondly because people aren’t...   Read more

Fun with Liquify

Liquify! Weee fun!

Liquify is a photo editing technique in Photoshop that basically turns a photograph into warm, flatulent putty. But often the term liquify is used to mean “reshaped” regardless of whether the liquify tool was actually used or not–I almost never use the liquify tool proper, because it’s awful. See the image to...   Read more

Appalachian Trickery

More Photoshopping than you can shake a stick at

This past summer I hiked the Appalachian trail, and having just recently regained the stomach for Appalachian imagery, I went through all the photos in order to pick out ones I wanted to share. There were a ton to go through, and I remembered a lot of them were taken with the intent to edit–lots...   Read more

Face Paste

Ye Photoshop wizard

Here’s a thing.

Lately I’ve been scouring the recesses of my hard-drive for pictures I might use on, my photo retouching service , for promotional purposes…because it’s failing.

Below you’ll find a before-and-after of one such picture, complete with a...   Read more