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Opentype Features in Microsoft Word

OpenType features are a great way to add flexibility to fonts. With them, font creators can add a huge variety of useful options to their fonts. The problem is it’s not always obvious how to make use of these options for the end-user.

Since OpenType is relatively new, many old applications have no options to enable OpenType features–in fact, even most new applications take a selective approach to implementing OpenType features. Worse, those applications which do implement OpenType features haven’t necessarily made it easy for the end-user to figure out. This is especially true in word processing applications.

In this article I will discuss how to enable OpenType features in Microsoft...   Read more

Top 10!

I just dug this gem out of a pile of old scan files. This is a newspaper clipping from when I graduated in the top ten from high school, which I pulled off because they stuck me in the stupid-kid classes for 2 out of my 4 years there–I was told it was a mistake–where...   Read more

New Site Launch

Welcome to my new portfolio site! Apologies if it’s a bit sparse. The plan is to fill it to the brim with an eclectic blend of personal and professional work with the ultimate goal of convincing people to hire me.

Convinced? I’m available for hire! Feel free to check out more about what I offer (EDIT:...   Read more