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Hyello. I’ve just been working on a new, not new–revamped–website. It’s and it’s a portfolio site for my brother-in-law Roger Lemelin. Go look at it. Do it!

before and after
(resize your window on the new site for a super fancy surprise! Yeah, it took a while. I might use it for my next portfolio–update: surprise, I did!)

Actually, right now it just has all the content from his 2004 site, which he never updated because the person that made it didn’t tell him how. That shouldn’t be the case this time around because I whipped up a lengthy pdf manual that exhaustively outlines and describes how to maintain his website. I wonder if that effort will end up being a waste, or if it’ll be really appreciated. It’s one or the other, and people don’t tend to read manuals. Oh well, hopefully there will be new content up there soon.