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A fancy hybrid font with three dramatically different weights, extensive language support, and Roman Numeral stylistic alternatives, just in case

Version downloads

The regular version is free for personal AND commercial use, no payment required. I do love donations though, hint hint. The two other weights can be purchased for $15.

Free download – Just the ‘Regular’ version
Donate if you wanna

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3 Dramatically Different display weights

Deliciously decadent, absolutely sinful

“Frosting for Breakfast” is a quirky/fancy typeface that comes in three different flavors, and the first one’s free! Each have their own distinct brand of flair, but it goes beyond that. This font was meticulously crafted to work as both a large display typeface, while maintaining a level of readability at smaller sizes. It also includes an extensive list of characters, including Roman numerals and support for Icelandic, eastern European, and African languages.

OpenType stuff

By using stylistic alternatives for the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M, you may create Roman numerals, which is great if you’re trying to do anything like a wedding invitation.

OpenType features are accessible in most design-related applications as well as many unrelated applications. You can read my article on how to use OpenType features in Microsoft Word here:

  • Kelly

    I love this font! It is by far one of my absolute favorites!

  • Suzie Gallai

    This is by far my most favourite font! Love love love it ^_^ I try not to use it for everything but its very hard to resist

  • Tracie Kaska

    This is by far one of my most favorite and used fonts. It’s definitely worth purchasing all three weights.

  • Jen Antoniou

    After much effort, and thousands of fonts, I selected yours for my logo! I am purchasing all three, and will eventually be gifting you with an additional donation. EVERYone loves it, and the name is just perfect. (Especially since part of what I do is wedding planning… a BIG hit.) Thanks so much.

    Check out my incredibly cute, and not too “wedding-y” logo on my site at and THANKS AGAIN LEE!!!!

  • adiranne

    I absolutely love this font, but it doesnt work with my embroidery program! is there a TTF version of it?

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