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Christmas for the Poor: A Card

The card, front:

It’s Christmas time(!) and, if you’re anything like me, you’re poor! Oh no! As a poor person, the Christmas season can be an even more stressful time than usual. If possible, the best course of action I can recommend is to ride out the season gorging yourself on food-stamp-bought Christmas-colored tortilla chips alone in your reduced-rate apartment, taking the time to reflect upon, and critically analyze, your life’s many failures. But sometimes, if you happen to still be loved, sitting alone in a darkened apartment isn’t an option. Oh bother.

The card, back:

In my case, it wasn’t love that gave purchase to my requisite participation in the season’s festivities, it was the less potent version: like. My friend, whom I like, had a particular design they wanted me to make for a Christmas card. So here it is, faithful reader (Google spider bot), a blog entry dedicated to that very effort.

Happy holidays or whatever,