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Frosting for Breakfast

Absolutely Sinful...

A fancy hybrid font with three dramatically different weights, extensive language support, and Roman Numeral stylistic alternatives, just in case Version downloads The regular version is free for personal AND commercial use, no payment required. I do love donations though, hint hint. The two other weights can be purchased for $15. Free download – Just […]


my actual handwriting

A tall handwritten font utilizing OpenType features for a more true-to-life handwritten appearance Download This font is free for both personal and commercial use. Donate if you wanna! It’s my handwriting Oh what fun! “Turkeyface” is my precious’ handwriting. According to some handwriting analysis quiz I found, it would appear that I’m just terrible. Nevermind! […]


A crude, mouse-drawn typeface that utilizes OpenType alternatives for a more realistically varied appearance Download This font is free for both personal and commercial use. Donate if you wanna! Need a crappy font? I resisted sharing this font for quite a while because of how crappy looking it is—by design, let’s say. But then I […]

¡Que Rompa!

A pizazz-filled, handwritten showcard typeface with lots of different display styles Version downloads The first one’s free for personal use (donate $5+ so you can use it commercially and also so I can stop having to eat out of trash cans) and the rest are available as a package for $15. Free download – Doesn’t […]

#1 Ichiro

A free and unique handwritten typeface that uses OpenType contextual alternatives. Inspired by the handwriting of Ichiro Suzuki.

Pretty City Kitties

A free handwritten serif font that uses OpenType contextual alternatives for a more realistic handwritten appearance.

Smooth Papyrus

“Smooth Papyrus” is an alternate, smoothed version of the ubiquitous Papyrus font. What’s the deal with Smooth Papyrus You might have caught a whiff of the stink designers have been making about the Papyrus font. The problem isn’t that Papyrus is a bad font, it’s just misused a lot. Papyrus is very recognizable because of […]


“Mathilde” (ma-teeld) is a beautiful, free, handwritten cursive-hybrid OpenType font with contextual alternatives Handwritten “Mathilde” is the actual handwriting of Mathilde (or “Tilly” as real humans call her) made into a computer-usable OpenType font. Extensive character list Includes all common and many rare symbols, including math symbols, plus accented letterforms. OpenType features “Mathilde” comes with […]

5th Grade Cursive

5th Grade Cursive was my first font, which I made out of a need for the cursive I learned in elementary school.